Sunday, 4 May 2014

A scenario that I wish could come true...

nothing in particular...

be able to travel the world...
having a job that can take care of my family, build my dream home / resort place

the guy I love would pre inform my parents on an engagement day... and surprise me by taking me dinner at love at first bite, sitting on the bed they have for dinner... asking the owner if he can play some songs that would indicate whats happening.. our dinner comes... and at a certain song he will pop the question xD
maybe he reads to me the kairi poem ♥♥♥

ooohhh ooohhh
on my wedding day... I have this wholleeee scene planned in my head.... when the bridesmaids come in.. aka you guys...the tangled soundtrack in which repunzel and eugene go around town plays... you guys would go to place while a screen that I pre recorded of my feet walking to the place plays... its a long ass story xD

but then my actual walk in would be with the kimino kioku/memories of you  persona piano soundtrack....

my husband and his men would come in to the song ikimen boogie hana kimi 1 soundtrack :D

I would have a 3 layered cake... but each layer is on a different plate /platform... the first and big one would be a cheesecake made by intercontinental which would be shaped as a star and has two mini keyblades on :D across each other like an X like how they do so in the game...

second . medium size would be a fruit flavored cake which would have a super mario theme on it... and have mini sized luigi and princess daisy on :D

third wasnt decided yet xD but it will be the smallest and choco flavor :3

he would cut the cake with a real katana :D *shwingggg*
I feed him .. he feeds me... a lil cream would be left on my lips... he would use that as an excuse to kiss me xD and I would just stand there.. :D (cause I'm in shock and not expecting that..just silently wishing that xD)

when alllll the single ladies song plays.. I throw the bouquet :3 (and maybe my husband would toss "something" to the single men ...and we would make fun of the ones who caught the stuff by calling them a couple) xD

get lucky by daft punk would be our exit song... and I will wink :p lol

 there would be a derp moment... in which I would ask the people ...snappers to have their cams and what not with them... cause let me take a selfie would play and I want them to snap me their selfies xD a normal camera might be hired to go around randomly xD and the snaps they take would be the perfect editing to the wedding selfie ...even I will take a selfie... maybe xD

another scenario... hopefully one day I could is that... I cosplay... or make me a keyblade... :3

also... I wish I can one day  do animexpo /gamexpo ... a week of amazement... 3 days for animexpo day break .. 3 days gamexpo...

we get the biggest of people that influenced anime ,  the original makers and the subbers from the middle east .. have signings :3 merchandise selling... and alllll artsy people can come and show off their art... to the amine makers... who knows they might get hired :p

first day is official uniform for us organisors... in which we dress up like  snk's different corps... the major organisors will dress up as the survey corps :3 (this is for animexpo)

we shall also get the biggest leading markets in the gaming industry.. like squareenix, namco, atlas ...etc.. to come and talk more about gaming... coding... future plans.. answer questions .. and what not :3

their you can see trailers of upcoming stuff... a tournament would also be held (but there is a lil fee to be paid) in different fields.. like first person shooting, fifa/winning eleven, fighting games too (didnt decide if tekken or any other game) the money gained from the fee payment would be split equally and given to the winner with signed merchandise :3
tournament would be held all the 3 days..
first day: quarter finals
second day: semi finals
third day: finals lol

then we have the rpg - adventure - scifi / fantasy competitions :3 which would be a question/answer based xD

also best cosplay competition which would be judged by the leaders of the gaming industry... prizes not decided yet

get redbull as a sponsor is one thing too xD more sponsors needed xD

first day of the 3 days event will also be official uniform ... where all major organisors would wear a final fantasy 7 SOLDIER outfit and other organisors would wear the ... whats the outfit cloud wore when he was a normal officer??... yeah that one xD

the rest of the days we all can cosplay as who ever we want to xD though our cosplays wont be counted a part of the competition :/ :3

(look at me talking about all this if I can make it happen... lol...

yeah ... you have loads to read lol) 

Sunday, 8 December 2013


to my dearest gamer


(by silver keys i mean golden people..... you would need to hug 5 golden people of your choice before wednesday.....see what happens...on wednesday)

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Liquid Dream man...

what if i became my own dream man?

what if i became zack fair from ff7 ,
 hei from DTB,
shinjiro from persona3,
racer then i could have a number one fan of my own who could be my bff,
 kratos from GOW,
jonny depp haha,
a guy with scars, doesnt matter how, where or the size of it....even a small cut turns me on,
light bearded,
has a sense of humor, yet is a badass :p
 guy in a suit :p

(this is all i can think of atm)
well that is a bit too much, yet that is my liquid dream man...
from when i was a kid till now.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

True murderer

as a spirit
floating upon clouds
i sit and watch you from afar
i can see through your soul
as you lay there
waiting for the light of salvation
as you lay there
waiting to forget what is considered your past
and then i notice the blood that gushes out from your skin
and how it has mixed with my sweat
i realised that it was i who have pierced you
it was i who have pulled you into the darkness
it was me.....who sits here bathing within your ..... tears....

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

I need a hug...

i honestly hate this....

i thought my new year would have a great beginning...

but it gets bad with each passing day...

i lost my moon light...

i fought with the hand that rocked my cradle...

im losing grip to my vessel...

im losing sanity...

i feel like im getting dumber and dumber...

i cant control what is happening to me...

i feel like im turning into a monster....

and in matter of days...or months...i will be a creature that has a heart of stone and face of pure cold....